Being a young player in an already developed market has its advantages. You are fearless. You define your own parameters when it comes to quality. And you set the bar as high as you choose to.

At Fortis, the bar has been set high from day one. It could mean a more complicated process; it could mean a smaller profit margin. But whatever it entails, our pursuit of quality is relentless.

It is this pursuit of quality that makes our products stand apart when it comes to safety.

It is the same pursuit of quality that gave birth to our unique 3 PRO technology that’s present in our range of house wires and industrial wires

  • A heat resistant core that can withstand temperatures up to 85oC.
  • Triple layer insulation that leads to significantly less current leakage.
  • A heat resistant, flame retardant insulation with self-extinguishing properties for greater safety.