What Drives Us


We believe in trying a little harder and going a step fuRTHEr. We aim to be a company that offers superior products to its customers, fulfils its promises to its partners and enriches the quality of life in rural India.

our mission

It all started with a dream - a dream of reaching out. Even in today’s day and age, over 50 million homes in India are without electricity. We at Fortis are committed to making a difference by diverting 10% of our earnings towards the electrification of rural India right from day one. It is our dream to electrify no less than 300,000 homes across India by 2027.

Our Core Values

1. Pursuit of quality - We will strive to be the best in class in whatever we do. We will provide the best quality products to our customers, employ the best possible manufacturing processes and provide the best people processes to our employees

2. Professionalism - We will be professional in all that we do. We will portray this professionalism in our behavior, in our appearance and in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and vendors.

3. Quality above profits - We will provide the highest possible quality product to our customers irrespective of its implications on our profits. We will maximize value for our clients while maintaining long-term environmental sustainability.

4. Commitment to all stakeholders - We do what we promise and we promise what we do. We will provide timely and reliable service while maintaining the highest standards of our processes.

5. Entrepreneurship - We believe that every employee is a brand ambassador and works with the spirit of entrepreneurship to ensure that the company achieves its short-term and long-term goals.