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submersible flat cable
submersible flat cable Insulation
insulation and conductor
insulation and conductor
Bunched conductor
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Submersible Flat Cable
Submersible Flat Cable Insulation
Insulation and Conductor
Insulation and Conductor
Bunched Conductor
Cross Section

AgroFort flat cables are able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 Degrees.

Agrofort flat cables

AgroFort Flat Cables have a wide variety of applications. Apart from irrigation pumps, they are ideal for drinking water supply pumps, offshore drilling rings, fire fighting equipment, sewage treatment plants and seawater handling equipment.

AgroFort Flat Cables include a range of PVC coated wires made using ETP copper having a minimum purity of 99.97%. The copper strands are drawn on the most modern fine wire drawing and in-line annealing m/c with bright and smooth copper surface to impart superior flexibility. They are subsequently bunched together with appropriate lay length with minimum resistance. The bunched conductors are insulated on a dual extrusion line to meet the insulation quality requirements for the demanding needs of submersible pumps. The cores are laid flat and dual heathed with highly abrasion resistant PVC compound. The sheath is specially designed to provide excellent resistance to rough use, water as well as oil and grease.

AgroFort Flat Cables offer three kinds of protection, making them a better and a safer option.

ROHS compliant

AgroFort meets the standards prescribed by the European Union with regard to the restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. In other words, there is no release of hazardous substances from these wires, thereby eliminating any danger to human health and to the environment.

anti-termite & anti-rodent

AgroFort wires come with termite and rodent repulsion properties, thus eliminating the possibility of short circuits that can otherwise cause tremendous loss of property and even human life.

Dual Coated Insulation & Dual Coated Sheath

In the case of submersible pumps, the area of installation is physically restrictive and the environment is hostile. Inferior quality insulation can lead to greater leakage of current from the live conductor, which can pose a major safety threat.

That’s why Fortis uses a dual coat for both insulation and sheath. This results in a much lower level of leakage than the prescribed limits, which in turn prevents shocks and short circuits and makes it possible to use underground, underwater or on wet surfaces.

usage guidelines

Submersible wires are delicate. To ensure the smooth running of the motor, the following points need to be adhered to:

  1. Do not place the coils near sharp objects as this may tear the insulation.
  2. Always store the wires at room temperature.
  3. Avoid stacking more than 5 coils as the excess weight may damage the lower most coil.
  4. Do not force the wire into the motor slot with tools like hammers or crowbars. The wires, being flexible, can be inserted manually into the stator slot.
  5. Properly wire-joint the winding coil with the flat cables to avoid motor failure.
  6. Avoid repeated testing as the wires have already been subjected to stringent quality checks. Megger tests are the only tests that need to be carried out at the customer’s end.


Normal Area of Conductor No./Dia. of Strands No./mm* Nominal Thickness of Insulation mm Nominal Core Dia. mm Nominal Thickness of Sheath mm Approx. Overall Dimmensions (W X T) mm Maximum Conductor Resistance at 20oC Ohms/Km. current Carrying Capacity at 40oc amps
1.50 22/0.30 0.60 3.00 0.90 12.00x5.60 12.10 18.00
2.50 36/0.30 0.70 3.50 1.00 13.00x6.20 7.41 24.00
4.00 56/0.30 0.80 4.10 1.00 15.30x7.10 4.95 32.00
6.00 84/0.30 0.80 4.70 1.10 19.20x8.40 3.30 42.00
10.00 140/0.30 1.00 7.00 1.40 24.20x10.40 1.91 55.00
16.00 126/0.40 1.00 8.00 1.40 29.00x12.40 1.21 75.00
25.00 196/0.40 1.20 10.00 2.00 36.50x15.70 0.78 100.00
* Conductor shall be class 2 for 1, 1.5, 2.5 sq. mm and for other sizes shall be as per IS8130; 2013.
* The number and diameter of conductor strands are for reference only.

Selection guide for flat cables

HP Vs Current: The full load current for submersible pump motors, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 440 V

HP 5.0 7.5 10.0 12.5 15.5 17.5 20.0 25.0 30.0
Amps. 7.50 11.0 15.00 19.00 22.80 25.00 28.50 35.80 43.00
NOTE: Current derating factors as per IS 3961 Part 5 shall be applicable for different usage conditions.